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In 1984 Redemption Faith Ministries International Inc developed certificate courses for church leaders and ministers. In 2000, out of years of studies and course materials that were developed, International Christian College was opened offering Christian Counseling Courses up to Bachelor level. In 2006, the interest to study more theological courses was felt and to meet that need International Christian College was born began to offer undergraduate and postgraduate theological courses.

After several years of developing the school both in Canada and abroad, it became necessary to register the school independently of Redemption Faith Ministries International Inc. And in 2011, after obtaining clearance from the Ministry of training, colleges and universities, Private Career colleges branch, Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Inc.Canada was registered.

 Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. Canada is fully accredited through W.W.A.C.

Today Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. Canada have several Satellite campuses in USA, Caribbean and Africa graduating over about 100 students every year.

Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Canada offers the opportunity to enroll in degree programs offered to all who recognize the great need to study the word of God. The primary purpose of this Institute is to equip students to meet the challenges of an effective ministry. We provide a curriculum rooted in the Holy Scriptures, adapted to the needs and experience of each of our students.

Our students are taught by fully qualified instructors and teachers who are dedicated to teaching the students and not lessons. We also offer special online classes for those students who due to their work schedule cannot attend regular classes. 

Our tuitions are very affordable and we also have payment plans to fit your budget. 

Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. Canada offers 18 months special course for Ministers ONLY leading to ordination for those who qualify.

Graduates of Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. Canada are fully equipped to pursue and succeed in their God given calling. In order to maintain continuous support and training to Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. Canada graduates, we have established an alumni association. This gives our graduate a wide pool of opportunities to develop long lasting ministry and personal relationship. It is hard in ministry to be a lone ranger; we all need a network of likeminded people to associate with.

For more information and registration process, Contacts us: 
Phone: +1 (289) 800-1996, +1 (416) 742-2114, +1 (416) 835-8090
Fax: +1 (416) 742-8461

By email: info@mobis.rfmintl.org

By mail:  Administration Offices

 Mailing Address:
94 Arrow Rd 
North York, ON 
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What We Believe
This is not a comprehensive statement of faith, but a doctrinal framework for the college. We are an evangelical, charismatic and faith-motivated school. However, we respect other viewpoints and avoid being dogmatic or critical of those who differ with us.

We believe:

• There is only one God, who has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

•In the absolute Lordship and deity of Jesus Christ, His pre-existence, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His atoning death, His bodily resurrection, and His eventual return to the earth in glory and power to fully establish His eternal kingdom

• In the full spiritual authority, the reliability and the divine inspiration of the Bible

• That salvation and entrance into the Church, which is the body of Christ, is through the“new birth” through repentance of sin, confession of faith in Jesus as the only Savior and surrender to Him as Lord

• That the great commission of the Church is to bring the gospel to all nations and make disciples of all people • That nothing can replace the importance of the local church in the program or God. Each local church should be under the immediate sovereignty of the Holy Spirit and should determine its own character and role in obedience to the will of God

• That the ministry of the Holy Spirit is an essential part of effective Christian life and witness

• That Jesus has given the Church five essential ministries to assist with the great commission: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers

• That Jesus purchased bodily healing for every believer at Calvary and this healing should be appropriated by faith

• In the reality of Satan and of the kingdom of darkness and the absolute triumphs of Jesus Christ over the devil and all his works through His death resurrection and ascension

• That a victorious Christian life is build upon a proper understanding and exercise of the spiritual authority conveyed to the believer by the gift of righteousness

• In the resurrection of the dead at Christ’s return, the certainty of God’s judgement and the inescapable result of that judgement foretold in the scriptures for the just and the unjust

Educational Philosophy
All believers are to be conformed to the image of Jesus. This is not an instantaneous event, but a process of sanctification and discipleship. Therefore, RIC offers Christian educational materials appropriate for everyone from new converts to Bible Scholars. We desire that every student will develop insight into the Word of God and integrate Biblical truths into daily life and service.

A Balanced Life
It is imperative that we have a renewed mind (intellect). This is a daily process accomplished through prayer, study of the Word and relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:1-2).

It is imperative that we grow in all areas of our lives as Jesus grew in His life. He was balanced in the four major arenas of life: intellectual or mental, physical, social or relational, and spiritual (Luke 2:52).

We are whole beings and must be conscious that we are the temple of God. It is important that we have:

  1. Proper rest

  2. Adequate nutrition

  3. Managed stress

  4. Moderate exercise

  5. Habits that is pleasing to the Lord, respectful of our temple and an example to other

The Lord has made us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. MOBIS desires to encourage the student to develop a lifestyle of worship. We grow in the Spirit through:

  • Word

  • Worship

  • Witness

  • Service

We desire to help shape the student’s attitudes, values and interests toward a Christian woridview. This is done by

• Applying the Word of God to the social environment (e.g., love thy neighbor)

• Allowing the Word and the Holy Spirit to change misbellefs and perceptions

• Learning self-sacrifice for the good of another